Decentralized Brain

Recently, I’ve dipped my toes in the ocean of the Web3 world see what I did there Ocean Protocol??. During this time, this inspired me to think about my current knowledge tools, and the sort of tools that would be lovely to work with in a Web3 ecosystem. I’m sure that many of these ideas already exist, but here’s how I’ve imagined stringing them together.

Information Hashing

Decentralized storage

If I’m involved in knowledge work, here’s what would make that process better. Work that I produce should live outside of my brain, for the usefulness it may provide to others. Others may propose updates to that work asynchronously, and I should be notified of proposed changes.

Knowledge as Neurons

Content that I access with greater frequency should be surfaced first, before content which is access less frequently. Additionally, this shouldn’t be limited to information that I’ve produced for myself. Let’s say I’ve written a note for myself to remember the definition of the Overton Window, for example. I’ve also discovered another source of a definition, and let’s set that I like it better (i.e. I search for/access it more frequently).

Therefore, when I query for the Overton Window, the “neuron” that I’ve used with greater frequency should have the option of being given priority in being surfaced first.

Knowledge Dimensionality

I had this idea that, in a way, knowledge can be thought of as having dimensions. I can describe the length and width, about the knowledge, so to speak. This is what we are most familiar with, I believe, in our daily lives in how we interact with information. We see what the information is and maybe attributes about it’s source. But we don’t have a great way, even in the modern internet, of having an interface that displays a third dimension about the information. That third dimension could be a number of things: